In The Press

Humanscale, our team, our products and our knowledge have featured in these publications:

  Sensor-Based Furniture Improves Office Health | March 2015 | CISCO

  Humanscale's OfficeIQ Smart Desk is Fit for a Geek King | February 2015 | ChipChic

  Humanscale Launches Intelligent Workstation Health at CES 2015 | January 2015 | Forbes


  Change Your Desk Chair, Change Your Life: Watch One Vogue Editor's Quest to Find the Perfect Seat | March 2015 | VOGUE

  Scandinavian Design: Trends in Stockholm | February 2015 | Deutsche Welle

  OfficeIQ Adds Sensor Intelligence to Your Standing Desk | January 2015 | PCWorld

  This Desk Will Tell You When To Sit And When To Stand | January 2015 | TechCrunch

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In The Press | Humanscale