Next Wave Fishing Net Blog Category

Humanscale Joins NextWave to Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans

We’ve joined forces with a group of global corporations to take a major step forward in the fight against marine pollution!

Image from React Team Maryland Blog Category

Humanscale Supports University of Maryland at Solar Decathlon 2017

The U.S. Department of Energy hosted its biennial Solar Decathlon from October 5-15 in Denver, Colorado. The event — which attracted over 90,000 visitors — challenged 12 collegiate teams to build full-size, solar-powered houses that embody sustainable design.

Humanscale Healthcare Setups Blog Category

The Current State of Medication Administration

Have you visited Humanscale Healthcare? We believe better care can be achieved through better design.

Humanscale Office Set Up Workstation Blog Category

Ergonomics in the Workplace Tips & Home Office Design

The goal of every ergonomics strategy is to reduce injury, improve comfort and boost productivity in the workplace. For decades, office ergonomics programs have focused on the individual in one standard workstation.

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Humanscale and Uhuru: Design for a Sustainable Future

In Humanscale’s quest to create a net positive impact on the earth, we have encountered organizations who challenge the “rules” of traditional manufacturing.

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Q&A with Humanscale’s Director of Workplace Strategies, Jon Strassner

Since he first joined Humanscale in 1996, Jon Strassner has gained a deep understanding and appreciation for the language, creativity and culture of the design community.

Humanscale Wellness Sustainability Neocon 2021 Blog Category

Humanscale Explores Wellness and Sustainability at NeoCon 2017

Every June, the design world descends on Chicago for NeoCon, the most recognized and attended trade show in the industry.

Humanscale Workstation Blog Category

Humanscale Drives Workplace Well-Being at Salone del Mobile

Each year, the international design community descends on Milan for the wildly popular Salone del Mobile. Now in its 56th edition, the furniture fair welcomed over 300,000 visitors from over 165 countries!

Wall Sit Office Exercises - Humanscale Blog Category

Get Moving! 5 More Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Does your job require you to sit for long periods of time? As research shows, sedentary behavior can lead to potentially deadly side effects.

Yoga Exercise Office - Humanscale Blog Category

Get Moving! Try These Easy Ways to Be More Active

Did you know after 60 minutes of sitting, your fat-burning enzymes slow down by 90%? If your desk job is leaving you feeling sluggish, cramming in a gym session after work may not solve the problem.

Brooklyn Designs Building Blog Category

Design Around the World: May 2017

From New York to London, we’re excited to attend several exciting design events this May!

Image of Building Blog Category

5 Steps to a More Sustainable Workplace

Creating a more sustainable office doesn’t have to be complicated.

Solar Panels & Jane Abernethy Blog Category

Q&A with Humanscale’s Sustainability Officer, Jane Abernethy

Jane Abernethy is dedicated to developing the strategic vision for sustainability at Humanscale.

DC 2017 Architecture Month Blog Category

Design Around the World: April 2017

This April, we are looking forward to three exciting international design events. From the charming European cities of Milan and Prague to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., read on to explore this month in architecture and design!

Full body Office Exercises Humanscale Blog Category

5 Exercises to Do in the Office

Especially for the cubicle-bound, it isn’t easy to get your U.S. Surgeon General recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity each week.

Boston Design Week 2017 Blog Category

Design Around the World: March 2017

From Dubai all the way to Boston, architectural and design communities are gearing up for an exciting month.

Full Body Desk Exercise Blog Category

Yes, You Can Exercise at Your Desk. Here’s How

Looking to increase your well-being in 2017? Try incorporating these five simple exercises into your work day to limit the side effects of sedentary behavior.

Humanscale Modern Office Blog Category

Insights into the Modern Office

The merging of home and work life, new technology needs, corporate wellness, and an increasingly mobile workforce are shifting workplace culture as we know it.



Renowned for its political and cultural significance, Washington D.C. attracts millions of visitors each year. Take a stroll down the National Mall, nicknamed “America’s Front Yard,” to visit iconic monuments and world-class museums.

Humanscale at CES 2017 Blog Category

CES 2017: Shaping the Future of Work and Well-Being

Each year, the consumer electronics show (CES) transforms the Las Vegas Strip into a mecca for technology. With concept cars, futuristic drones and wearable devices at every turn, CES 2017 did not disappoint!

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A city that caters to all ages and interests, a visit to Hong Kong will never disappoint!

Humanscale Standing Workstation Blog Category

Sit/Stand Your Way to Well-Being in 2017

Is your New Year’s Resolution to be more health-conscious? Burn more calories? Be more productive at work? Sit/stand has got you covered.

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