We are excited to announce that our 26 Climate Positive products have earned us Metropolis’ Planet Positive award, winning in the category for Top Product Breakthrough. 

In its inaugural year, Metropolis’ Planet Positive Awards recognize the top products and projects that benefit people and the planet. Judged by four expert juries across project types, regions, and product categories, the winners and honorable mentions represent the highest achievements today in design, which address climate change, ecosystem health, human health, and equity. 

About Our Climate Positive Products

Our Climate Positive products leave the world measurably better off every time they are made. To receive this distinction, our products are audited and validated by The International Living Future Institute, under their Living Product Challenge. This most rigorous test of sustainability requires manufacturers to make their own operations net positive across seven impact categories: place, water, energy, health & happiness, materials, equity, and beauty.

Products that earn the Living Product Challenge (LPC) certification are net positive, free of toxins and responsibly made.  Additionally, each manufacturer’s production process must respect the rights of workers and benefits both people and the environment. It takes over a year to meet the high standards of the LPC certification. With hard work and constant problem-solving, we have been able to engineer manufacturing processes and products that reach these high standards. We are proud to be the first company ever to have not just one, but 26 climate, water, and energy positive products.  

Our Commitment to Leaving the World Better Off

Our work in sustainability and creating Climate Positive products demonstrates our commitment to creating a healthier planet.  By manufacturing products that leave the world better off, we allow our customers to take an active role in healing the planet simply by making a responsible purchase. This win signals increasing awareness and focus on sustainability and making a net positive impact within our industry. We challenge other companies in our industry to join us in this effort.