Is your New Year’s Resolution to be more health-conscious? Burn more calories? Be more productive at work? Sit/stand has got you covered.

The Health Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

For years, traditional seated desks were the office standard. It wasn’t unusual for employees to work straight through the day while barely getting up for a lunch break. Yet over time, research continued to show how harmful sedentary behavior is to our long-term health. The American Heart Association revealed that U.S. adults spend an average of 6 to 8 hours a day in sedentary behaviors that can contribute to diabetes and cardiovascular disease — the leading cause of death in the country. Even more troubling, moderate exercise doesn’t cancel out the negative impact of the time we spend not moving at all.

The Sit/Stand Revolution

As an alternative, many people are switching to standing desks, but standing all day isn’t the answer, either! Research has linked health risks with both sitting and standing for prolonged periods.
The solution? Find a balance between sitting and standing throughout the day.
Switching between seated and standing postures throughout the day is not only good for energy and productivity, but for overall health. Studies have shown that incorporating periods of standing can burn calories, have a positive impact on well-being and prevent diseases such as heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.

Building a Sit/Stand Workstation for the Modern Workplace

Many offices are shifting toward hot desking and activity based workplaces that require tools to support both collaboration and the latest technology.

Sit Stand Desks

The ideal sit/stand workstation offers intuitive functionality (that won’t interrupt workflow), cable management capabilities, a sleek aesthetic that easily integrates into any office space, and a design that supports modern office tools and collaboration. As more companies continue creating cultures of wellness in 2017, we expect sit/stand solutions to be on the forefront.