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Onsite and Virtual Assessments


Work from Home employees experiencing elevated levels of discomfort or pain can alleviate body aches with Humanscale Consulting’s Virtual Assessment Program.

Our program leverages a proprietary web-based assessment and training tool in conjunction with video conferencing to provide a full ergonomic assessment from the comfort of you home! Receive detailed assessment reports including a complete postural analysis, comprehensive equipment review, and a detailed improvement strategy.

Three levels of assessment are offered based on the severity of the worker’s discomfort levels. Schedule your virtual assessment today through our online portal!

Virtual Assessment Options

Basic Assessments

We complete a two-page standardized checklist for each employee that provides a summary of observed postural risk factors, an assessment of currently installed workstation tools, and an improvement strategy. Basic assessments are most appropriate for employees experiencing mild levels of discomfort.

Overall employee time commitment: 30-45 minutes


Standard Assessments

Our ergonomists assess all workstation tools and write a comprehensive report that includes an analysis of discomfort levels, all potential postural risks, and other related sources of discomfort. We then compose a detailed improvement strategy for each employee. Standard assessments are best suited for employees experiencing moderate levels of discomfort.

Overall employee time commitment: 30-45 minutes


Advanced Assessments

Our advanced level expands to include a post-assessment check-up, 4-6 weeks following the initial assessment. We also administer a post-assessment survey to reassess employee discomfort levels and gauge the effectiveness of the intervention. Finally, our team generates a final report that analyzes pre and post discomfort data, provides recommendations for further improvement, and summarizes employee feedback. These advanced assessments are typically reserved for employees experiencing moderate to severe discomfort.

Overall employee time commitment: 45-60 minutes


Comparison Table




Overall Time Commitment

1 hour

2 hours

3 hours

Employee Discomfort Level




Offered Virtually

Pre Assessment Survey

Individualized Ergonomics Training

Documentation of musculoskeletal risk factors and their sources

Review of existing equipment

Recommended improvement strategy

Checklist report

Detailed written report


Discomfort Analysis


Implementation assistance to ensure workstation enhancements are installed properly and correctly utilized by employee



Post Assessment Check-Up



Final Report Generation



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