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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented, rapid shift to home-based working. With this shift, new health and wellness challenges have emerged requiring new strategies and innovations. Humanscale's team of board certified professional ergonomists has formulated a multi-tiered approach aimed at preserving the health and wellness of your "Work From Home" employee population.


A needs assessment software that pinpoints postural concerns, assess equipment needs, and streamlines the purchasing process for any WFH employee population.

Learn more about ergoIQ HOME.

ergoIQ FIT

Intuitive online self assessment that empowers wfh employees to configure their home workstations for optimal health and comfort in 10 minutes or less.

Learn more about ergoIQ FIT.


Online ergonomic consultations for remote employees.

Learn more about ergoIQ LIVE.

Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

Individualized ergonomic assessments for wfh employees experiencing evelated levels of discomfort or pain.

Learn more about our Virtual Assessment Program.

Work@Home Live Webinar Series

Training sessions aimed at elevating employee awareness of how to properly configure wfh environments for long-term comfort.

Learn more about our Work@Home Live Webinar Series.


A series of narrated training videos designed to guide WFH employees through the process of proper home workstation setup.

Learn more about our Work@Home Live Video Series.


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Humanscale's board-certified professional ergonomists have a multi-tiered approach to preserve the health and wellness of your "Work From Home" employee population.