About Humanscale Healthcare

Humanscale has been designing award-winning ergonomic tools for the workplace for more than 25 years, creating groundbreaking products that make the workplace healthier and more comfortable for the user. Humanscale Healthcare, a division of Humanscale, improves the work environment for caregivers by providing ergonomic work tools that support healthcare-specific technology.

Humanscale Healthcare brings a unique perspective on human factors to the Healthcare market. Our elite team of certified ergonomists and award-winning designers and engineers collaborate with medical providers to develop the most intuitive, body-friendly computer support solutions available to today’s healthcare practitioners.

As the global leader in ergonomics, we have dedicated Humanscale Healthcare representatives, offices and showrooms all over the world from locations in North America to Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai and many more. Our products’ designs are rooted in purpose and function creating a more comfortable workplace. Our designs solve functional problems as simply and elegantly as possible. We believe simple is better. Longevity is designed into our products, resulting in forms that are honest and timeless. Humanscale Healthcare partners with designers and firms to develop relationships and increase ergonomics awareness within the A & D community. Humanscale provides tools and resources for specifying and developing projects with our products.


We believe that sustainability is about balance. We try to minimise the amount of waste being sent to landfills by decreasing the amount of packaging materials, reusing package blankets, and reducing the use of toxins. We make positive contributions to the Earth by using healthy product materials and preserving and protecing 5 million acres of the Cambodian Eastern Plains with the World Wildlife Fund.