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Humanscale offers an array of services in healthcare ergonomics which vary based on individual needs. We’re here to help you.

Humanscale Consulting observes, identifies and analyses current challenges with workstations and workflow. We identify and eliminate sources of discomfort and inefficiencies so that employees may work more comfortably and safely in a space that is designed to fit them and the way they work.

Humanscale Consulting’s Facility Assessments and Design Services provide ergonomics guidelines during the design phase of your workspace to complement the expertise of architects and designers. When ergonomic principles are proactively incorporated into the design of healthcare environments, employee comfort improves, risk of injury decreases, and worker efficiency is enhanced.

Humanscale Consulting’s Post-Installation and Post-Deployment Training programme ensures that work equipment fits properly to each employee and that employees understand exactly how to maximise comfort, increase efficiency and reduce any workday errors. This service complements the caregiver’s workflow without disrupting patient care.

Humanscale Consulting’s Post Occupancy Ergonomic Evaluation provides an analysis of the fit and workflow following installation or deployment of new technology. Following the observation, a comprehensive report is generated and a follow-up meeting is scheduled to discuss the results.

Humanscale Consulting’s Train the Trainer Programme in Healthcare Ergonomics is a scalable certification course that enables individuals to make competent ergonomics assessments in a wide variety of healthcare environments. If you are looking to add in-house expertise, this service is perfect for you. After your ergonomics team is developed, we can then help formulate specific programme goals and objectives based on the results of the Post Occupancy Ergonomic Evaluation.

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Healthcare Consulting Services